Stolab have been manufacturing furniture since 1907, giving the company a wealth of valuable experience that characterises all their activities. Proud of this history, their driving force is to develop Stolab even further, maintaining its classic place in Swedish furniture design whilst always giving it contemporary relevance.

Stolab has been in love with the tactile warmth of wood since the company was founded over 100 years ago, maintaining an uncompromising conviction that solid wood is synonymous with quality and sustainability. The fact that design, manufacture and assembly all take place under the same roof —in the small coastal town of Smålandsstenar—not only allows Stolab to achieve the exacting requirements on quality, environmental responsibility and durability that characterise the Stolab brand, but it also means that everyone participates in and feels responsible for the entire process – from original idea to the delivered product.

Stolab have proudly collaborated with leading Swedish architects and designers throughout the years: The Arka lounge, designed by architect Yngve Ekström in 1955, is a classically proportioned spindle back chair of considerable beauty. Carl Malmsten’s 1942 Lilla Åland spindle back chair has long been a favourite of 20th Century Swedish design, presenting a perfect marriage of practical and aesthetic wants. Continuing this tradition with modern designers, Stolab introduced the gracious and generous Miss Holly in 2011, created by one of Sweden’s most celebrated architects. Jonas Lindvall’s design reinterprets this classic chair with a contemporary twist.

Stolab designs strip away extraneous decorative details, bringing the focus back to exceptional quality and pared-down silhouettes, making each hand-crafted piece a timeless classic.

Thonet is the exclusive Australian importer of Stolab