Thonet Australia launched in Melbourne in 1979. More than 30 years on, the design establishment still turn to Thonet for contemporary and classic European product at affordable prices. Thonet furniture graces the interiors of the best homes, restaurants, cafes and commercial buildings throughout Australia.

The company is based in Melbourne, housed in a wonderfully spacious Fitzroy warehouse. There is also a showroom in Darlinghurst, Sydney, and distributors in Newcastle, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

To most, Bentwood stands as a shining example of what can be achieved through design. Its form both expresses and symbolises the manufacturing process that lay behind it. Thonet bentwood chairs are made from European beech using traditional steam bending methods. They arrive unassembled and are assembled in our Melbourne workshop.

Technically simple, each piece embodies the principles of mass production: inexpensive to manufacture, transportable in large quantities and – most importantly – strong and durable. A true visionary, Michael Thonet was the first person to ever mass-produce and ship flat-packed furniture.

Thonet offers affordable, high quality, authentic design – sourced from original European companies. Every Thonet product is chosen for its comfort, design excellence and suitability.  As well as bentwood, the Thonet Australia collection includes locally manufactured tables and product from companies such as: Rybo – West Nofa of Norway, Green SRL from Italy and Tolix from France.

Still true to the very first designs from the 1900’s, Tolix products are manufactured in the original factory – opened in 1907 – in Burgundy, France.  An authentic Tolix piece has so much more value, history, beauty and longevity than the replica’s now available.  When taking all these factors into account, the price of the original product is comparatively reasonable against the copies. In a marketplace flooded with knock-offs, the enduring nature of our products proves to be the more economical investment – as there is no need for replacements.

In Australia, Thonet is proud to be associated with the innovation and tradition of Michael Thonet. The bentwood furniture available today is, manufactured at one of the original European factories, set up in 1880, to the exacting specifications of Michael Thonet’s unique and original designs. Bentwood furniture has never altered. It has always been simple, utilitarian furniture; reasonably priced and available to everyone. The tradition continues…