LK Hjelle furniture makers focus on quality craftsmanship and material selection. Since it was founded in the early 1940s, the factory —  huddling between precipitous mountains and narrow fiords —   has been producing functional and beautiful furniture imbued with great passion. Designer Ingmar Relling’s award winning Siesta chairs are possibly the most comfortable chairs you will ever sit in. The laminated, form-pressed beech frame and strung canvas back enhance the chair’s clean lines, and are complimented by leather cushioning (fabric option available).
Relling worked with furniture from the age of sixteen and went on to study at the National School of Arts and Crafts. After graduating, he soon opened his own practice in 1950. Initially he worked as an interior architect, fitting out schools, hotels and churches. But from 1960, Relling dedicated himself entirely to furniture design, honing his skills to become Norway’s most internationally recognised furniture designer.
The light, resilient and elegant chairs perfectly reflect the ethos of the Scandinavian design movement of which they were a forerunner and opened up international markets to Norwegian furniture exports. It was crucial to Relling that the designs should be eco-friendly; with optimised use of materials, wood from sustainable forests, maximum durability and reusability.
Today, Relling’s designs are recognised for their classic simplicity, free from unnecessary detail. Considered a design icon and featured in museums and galleries around the world, the series represented new thinking for both construction and form. All are original in terms of construction and have a compact form of expression with a timeless, sculptural quality